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Paris Focus Session: making headway in cash, securities and collateral

With only one year to go before the launch of the new TARGET Instant Payments Settlement (TIPS) service, the European Central Bank (ECB) is organising a focus session in Paris to shed light on current developments in the European market. In addition to discussing retail payments, key officials from the Banque de France, the Banca d’Italia and the ECB will be addressing how the Eurosystem is reshaping large-value payment services in view of the TARGET2 and T2S consolidation project. Collateral management procedures will be another focal point of the event, with prominent figures from the clearing services delving into the challenges on the path towards harmonised collateral management. The Paris Focus Session will be held at the Banque de France Conference Center on 13 December 2017. Check out the agenda to learn more about the event and send us an email to if you would like to attend.