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Test your knowledge

How much do you know about the ECB and what we do? Test your knowledge by taking our quizzes and see how many answers you get right!

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Climate change challenges and the ECB

Find out about climate change challenges and how the ECB is trying to be part of the solution.

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Who tells the ECB what to do?

Find out about ECB's independence and accountability – both are important, because with great power comes great responsibility.

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About the European Central Bank

This quiz tests your basic knowledge about the European Central Bank (ECB) and what it does.

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Inflation - stability is everything!

What do you know about inflation? This quiz explains how it affects us all and how central banks fight too high inflation.

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What is money, actually?

This quiz tests your basic knowledge on what ''money'' actually means. Find out about three types of money and three things only money can do.

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About European banking supervision

Why are banks supervised at the European level? And who benefits? Play this quiz to find out!

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