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What I particularly like about my work at the ECB

I joined the ECB in 2008, starting in the Fiscal Policies Division before moving on to the Monetary Policy Strategy Division where I now work as a Principal Economist. In this position, I provide input for the Governing Council’s regular monetary policy decisions and have contributed to the design and monitoring of several of the unconventional measures that the ECB has adopted in recent years.

A key challenge of the job – and its main appeal – is to anticipate changes in the future economic and financial environment that may already require a policy response. The vast spectrum of issues to be addressed in this process makes the ECB an exciting place to work.

How my work makes a difference

The ECB operates in a fast-moving and complex environment. By condensing the constant inflow of information and devising concrete policy options, we can provide policy-makers with a sound basis for their decisions and ultimately make a positive contribution to the economic outcome of the euro area as a whole.

What I like about Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a very young and diverse city – and not only in and around the ECB. Newcomers find it easy to settle in and old-timers can still discover new facets to the city. Finally, Frankfurt punches well above its weight in culinary matters, offering a variety of unique places that are worth exploring.