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Trainee in Monetary Analysis

What I particularly like about my work at the ECB

Being a trainee at the ECB is an amazing experience which allows you to get a real taste of working in a motivating multicultural environment. It’s exciting to see a whole host of countries working together towards a common goal: building a better future for Europe. It is a privilege to work at the ECB and in my personal case, the ECB traineeship is the perfect continuation of my studies and previous work experience at the European Commission.

Working here in the Monetary Analysis Division of DG Economics brings new challenges every day and at the same time it is a great opportunity to better understand the economic issues that the euro area is facing today. It teaches you how to work independently, react quickly to multiple demands, pay attention to small details and “learn by doing”. What I also appreciate about my work here is that it gives me the chance to put both my knowledge of economics and my programming skills into practice. Receiving feedback from colleagues on a regular basis and being encouraged every day to develop professionally makes this experience a very enriching one. It makes you determined to be very ambitious and not provide only the expected results, but go above and beyond instead.

How my work makes a difference

My work as a trainee in the Monetary Analysis Division involves providing support on a daily basis to those working on the monetary developments analysis. The output of this work is used for various presentations to our Executive Board Members and the Governing Council, which means that we contribute to the ECB’s decision-making process in this area.

What I like about Frankfurt

In Frankfurt there is a very international atmosphere. You get to meet people from all over Europe, open-minded people who share your dreams and values. It’s incredible how easy it is to connect with people and build long-lasting international friendships. We often go out together and discover various restaurants and the special places Frankfurt has to offer, and sometimes at the weekend we organise hiking trips outside the city to explore the surrounding areas.

And with Frankfurt’s great travel connections you can travel wherever you want, whenever you want!