Minimum Net Salary Table

Salary band Job title Fixed-term contract
Minimum monthly basic net salary*
Short-term contract
Minimum monthly basic net salary*
A Facility Management Operator €2,484.00 €3,241.00
B Meeting Attendant, Security Guard, Receptionist, Senior Driver €2,697.00 €3,514.00
C Assistant, Business Process Assistant €3,001.00 €3,899.00
D Senior Assistant, Senior Business Process Assistant €3,463.00 €4,473.00
E Principal Assistant, Principal Business Process Assistant €4,034.00 €5,174.00
E/F Senior/ Analyst €4,034.00 €5,174.00
F/G Senior/ Expert €4,757.00 €6,044.00
G Principal Information Management Specialist €5,583.00 €7,017.00
H Principal Expert €6,737.00 €8,280.00
I Head of Section, Adviser €7,246.00 €8,847.00
J Head of Division, Senior Adviser €7,821.00 €9,537.00
K Director, Deputy Director General, Principal Adviser €10,132.00 €12,551.00
L Director General €11,618.00 €14,489.00
* Full time position, with deductions for social contributions: accident insurance (mandatory) and health and long term care insurances (optional).
For fixed-term contracts, we pay in addition 20.7334% of your basic salary into the ECB pension scheme. For short-term contracts, we pay the same percentage as cash equivalent hence the higher minimum basic net salary.