Experts Network - 3rd meeting


When, where

3 September 2009 from 10:00 to 18:00
At the ECB premises: Eurotheum, Room CP 22, Neue Mainzer Str. 66-68, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

1. Introductory remarks

2. Chairman’s debriefing on latest key events

3. Tour de table

4. Discussion of selected topics

  1. First feed-back on the PESG mini-consultations
    The T2S Team will provide a first-feed back on the PESG mini-consultation.
  2. Testing and migration in T2S
    The T2S Team will present the different approaches on testing and migration that are currently being discussed in the Testing and Migration Sub-group.
  3. Functionality for settlement banks
    The T2S team will explain the concept and give an update of the work in preparation to the discussion of the topic in the URM Sub-group.

5. Agenda of the AG meeting on 23 September 2009.

6. Any other business

7. Next meeting of the NUG Expert Network: 17 November 2009