SSP Release 6.0 and 7.0 November 2013

SSP Release 7.0

User consultations and final content

The TARGET2 SSP release 7.0 will go live on 18 November 2013. The main content is the interface of TARGET2 to TARGET2 Securities, in particular regarding liquidity transfers between RTGS accounts in TARGET2 and Dedicated Cash Accounts (DCA) in TARGET2 Securities. The T2S change request is the outcome of close cooperation between the Eurosystem and the user community. The Eurosystem considers that there will be only very limited room for additional change requests in SSP Release 7.0, and those that are requested must be essential to the smooth functioning of TARGET2.

Technical documentation

User detailed functional specification

ICM Handbook

System specifications


Testing results

Authorisation and Interoperability test for the TARGET2/T2S interface for TARGET2 participants

SSP Release 6.0

The release content for the SSP release 6.0 – foreseen for November 2012 – is very limited. For this reason, the Eurosystem and the user community have agreed unanimously to postpone the delivery of this release content together with the delivery of the SSP release 7.0 until November 2013.