The ECB provides a wide range of multimedia resources to help young people, students and the general public learn more about basic economic concepts such as inflation and price stability.

We have also developed a series of interactive games, some of which are available as smartphone apps, and run the Generation €uro Students’ Award.

ECB Youth Dialogue: #AskDraghi

ECB Youth Dialog

Thank you for all the great questions you sent President Draghi on Europe's economic recovery, cryptocurrencies and the possibility of a new global economic crisis.

Watch his answers to the selected questions and then join the debate!

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Take part in the Generation €uro Students’ Award

Girl in front of PC entering the Generation Euro Students’ Competition

Interested in economics? Want to learn more about the ECB and monetary policy? Then sign up for the Generation €uro Students’ Award, a competition open to teams of students from secondary schools in the euro area.

Generation €uro Students’ Award

Games and apps

ECB games and apps

Play the ECB’s games! Learn about banknotes and coins with the Euro Run (for iPhone and Android) and the new version of the Euro Cash Academy (for iPhone and Android).
Collect documents for the Governing Council on the Top Floor. Set interest rates with €conomia and find out about inflation with Inflation Island.

The ECB explains

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