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Security features of the Europa series

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Knowledge of banknotes

The e-learning course Knowledge of banknotes consists of three modules covering:

  1. the authenticity of euro banknotes,
  2. the fitness of banknotes,
  3. the security features of the second series of banknotes, the Europa series.

The objective of the course is to complement professional cash handlers’ training in line with the decisions taken by the ECB on the authenticity and fitness of euro banknotes.

The course has been developed on the basis of the training programme and e-learning tool provided by the Banco de Portugal.

The Euro Cash Academy

The Euro Cash Academy website provides information about the euro banknotes and their security features.

It gives visitors a chance to learn about the features either by taking a simple quiz or by exploring a virtual town square.

Information leaflets for cash handlers

Content and visuals on euro banknotes are available at and