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Discover ECB topics through multimedia.

TLTRO II explained

10 March 2016

What is the new series of targeted longer-term refinancing operations and why is it needed? ECB President Mario Draghi provides an insight.


How does T2S support a single capital market in Europe?

2 July 2015

See how T2S, the new platform for securities settlement, makes it easier and less expensive for securities to “travel” in Europe and benefits firms and investors.


Who joined the euro area when?

1 January 2015

Explore this interactive map to find out which countries are part of the euro area and when they joined.


ECB premises – from vision to reality

10 December 2014

Since November 2014 ECB staff moved into a new building in Frankfurt’s Ostend. Watch this short time-lapse video to see how it was built.


Outline of the Non-Objection Procedure in the SSM

Decision-making in ECB Banking Supervision

4 November 2014

Learn how decisions on banking supervision are taken under the non-objection procedure.


Integration of market infrastructure

24 September 2014

Integrated market infrastructure in Europe means a single, efficient “plumbing system” underpinning the market. See how the infrastructure for payment and securities settlement benefits citizens, firms and investors.


What do negative interest rates mean for me?

5 June 2014

The Governing Council introduced a negative interest rate on the deposit facility on 5 June 2014. ECB President Mario Draghi explains what the rate decision means for savers in the euro area.


SSM explained in three minutes

24 March 2014

Watch this video about the Single Supervisory Mechanism and learn how banks are supervised in Europe.


The ECB and the Eurosystem explained

26 September 2013

What is inflation? Why is price stability important for you? Find the answers to these questions and more in this three-minute introduction to the ECB and the Eurosystem’s role and tasks.