Selected euro area statistics and national breakdowns

In this section, you will find selected euro area aggregates and national breakdowns as they are simultaneously published by the ECB and the national central banks (NCBs) of the euro area countries on their websites.

Monetary statistics

Securities issues

Investment funds

Insurance corporations and pension funds

Average interest rates on deposits and loans of households and non-financial corporations

Competitiveness indicators

International reserves

Harmonised indices of consumer prices

1. Breakdown by purpose of consumption:

2. Breakdown by type of product (mainly used by the ECB):

GDP and expenditure components

Payment and terminal transactions involving non-MFIs

Euro area

Non-participating Member States

Number of MFIs per country of residence

The ECB and the euro area NCBs are striving to communicate their statistics in the most effective way to the media and the citizens of Europe. This includes the implementation of a new technical framework to further harmonise and enhance the dissemination of both euro area and national statistics. The division of labour remains unchanged: within the Eurosystem team, the ECB is responsible for interpreting euro area aggregates, while NCBs are responsible for interpreting the national contributions. The statistics listed above (both the aggregates and the country-breakdowns) are updated simultaneously on this website and the websites of all participating NCBs, using the respective languages and website lay-outs.

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