Habib, Maurizio Michael

Maurizio Michael Habib

International & European Relations



  • Senior Economist, International Policy Analysis Division

Fields of interest:

  • International Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Monetary Economics


  • PhD in Economics, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, 2002
  • MSc in Economics, Birkbeck College, London, 1999

Professional experience:

  • European Central Bank, 2004-present
  • European Commission, 2002-2004
Title Authors Where
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Is There a Global Safe Haven? M.M. Habib, L. Stracca International Finance 18, 3, 281–298, Winter 2015
Getting Beyond Carry Trade: What Makes a Safe Haven Currency? M.M. Habib, L. Stracca Journal of International Economics 87, 1, 50-64, May 2012
Foreign-currency Bonds: Currency Choice and the Role of Uncovered and Covered Interest Parity M.M. Habib, M. Joy Applied Financial Economics 20, 8, 601-626, April 2010
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The real exchange rate and economic growth: Revisiting the case using external instruments M.M. Habib, E. Mileva, L. Stracca Journal of International Money and Finance 73, Part B, 386–398, May 2017