Dieppe, Alistair


  • Principal Economist

Fields of interest:

  • International Macroeconomics
  • Macromodelling
  • Empirical and Bayesian Econometrics


  • MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, 1997-1998
  • BSc in Economics and Mathematics, University of Warwick, 1991-1994

Professional experience:

  • European Central Bank, 2007-present
  • Oxford Economics, 2005-2007
  • European Central Bank, 1998-2005
  • Cambridge Econometrics, 1994-1997
No. Title Authors
2045ECB-Global: introducing ECB's global macroeconomic model for spillover analysisAlistair Dieppe, Georgios Georgiadis, Martino Ricci, Ine Van Robays, Björn van Roye
1934The BEAR toolboxAlistair Dieppe, Björn van Roye, Romain Legrand
1745Model of the United States economy with learning MUSELAlpo Willman, Alistair Dieppe, Ursel Baumann, Alberto González Pandiella
1512Learning about wage and price mark-ups in euro area countriesElena Angelini, Alistair Dieppe, Beatrice Pierluigi
1504International R&D Spillovers: Technology Transfer vs. R&D SynergiesAlistair Dieppe, Jan Mutl
1444The perils of aggregating foreign variables in panel data modelsMichele Ca' Zorzi, Alistair Dieppe, Alexander Chudik
1441Thousands of models, one story: current account imbalances in the global economyMichele Ca' Zorzi, Alistair Dieppe, Alexander Chudik
1357Assessing the sensitivity of inflation to economic activityAlistair Dieppe, Eva Ortega, Antonello D'Agostino, Tohmas Karlsson, Konstantins Benkovskis, Michele Caivano, Samuel Hurtado, Tímea Várnai
1316The ECB's New Multi-Country Model for the euro area: NMCM - with boundedly rational learning expectationsAlpo Willman, Alistair Dieppe, Alberto González Pandiella, Stephen Hall
1315The ECB's New Multi-Country Model for the euro area: NMCM - simulated with rational expectationsAlpo Willman, Alistair Dieppe, Alberto González Pandiella
1151Methodological advances in the assessment of equilibrium exchange ratesMatthieu Bussière, Michele Ca' Zorzi, Alexander Chudik, Alistair Dieppe
995Current account benchmarks for central and eastern Europe: a desperate search?Michele Ca' Zorzi, Alistair Dieppe, Alexander Chudik
760Modelling intra- and extra-area trade substitution and exchange rate pass-through in the euro areaAlistair Dieppe, Thomas Warmedinger
360Optimal monetary policy rules for the euro area: an analysis using the area wide modelAlistair Dieppe, Keith Kuester, Peter McAdam
160Model uncertainty and the equilibrium value of the real effective euro exchange rateCarsten Detken, Jérôme Henry, Frank Smets, Alistair Dieppe, Carmen Marin
Title Authors Where
And then current accounts (over) adjusted Ca' Zorzi, Chudik, Dieppe Empirical Economics
Monetary policy under a liquidity trap: Simulation evidence for the euro area Alistair Dieppe, Peter McAdam Journal of the Japanese and International Economies
Optimal Monetary Policy Rules for the Euro Area: An Analysis Using the Area Wide Model Alistair Dieppe, Keith Küster, Peter McAdam Journal of Common Market Studies
The euro area viewed as a single economy: how does it respond to shocks? Alistair Dieppe, Jerome Henry Economic Modelling
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Determinants of the Effective Real Exchange Rate of the Synthetic Euro: Alternative Methodological Approaches Carsten Detken, Alistair Dieppe, Jerome Henry, Frank Rafael Smets,Carmen Marin Australian Economic Papers