ECB Forum on Central Banking

The ECB Forum on Central Banking takes place once a year in Sintra, Portugal, and is organised by the European Central Bank.

It brings together central bank governors, academics, financial market representatives, journalists and others to exchange views on current policy issues and discuss the Forum’s key topic from a longer-term perspective.


ECB Forum on Central Banking 2018

Date: 18–20 June 2018

Topic: Price and wage setting in advanced economies

Young economists’ session

2017 Forum

The 2017 edition of the ECB Forum addressed investment and growth and the related challenges facing major advanced economies.

Conference proceedings

For almost a decade, since the start of the financial crisis, the economic performance of many advanced economies has been lacklustre. Now that they are on the road to recovery, a key issue is ensuring that growth and investment are sustainable. Investment that drives productivity growth can initiate a virtuous circle, so that growth becomes self-sustaining and, ultimately, is no longer dependent on sizeable monetary policy stimulus. Moreover, accelerating wage growth can then go hand in hand with further reductions in unemployment, which is exactly what is needed now in the euro area.

Topics covered during the 2017 Forum included:

  • investment performance
  • the relationship between productivity and employment
  • cross-country disparity in economic performance
  • the link between business cycle policies and structural reforms