User Testing Phase (January 2014 - September 2015)

At the start of 2014, T2S will be open for a period of multilateral testing by all external parties – CSDs, national central banks and banks which intend to be directly connected to T2S. The testing activities will comprise interoperability tests, community tests with banks and business-day tests.

The objective of the user testing phase is to ensure that the T2S platform fully meets the user requirements. In addition, the successful completion of the user testing will enable CSDs, central banks, directly connected T2S parties and (other) holders of T2S dedicated cash accounts to migrate to and operate in T2S.

Testing will be completed after the full migration of the last group of CSDs, which according to the current Eurosystem plan is expected by September 2015.

In December 2009, the T2S Advisory Group approved a report on the User Testing Strategy, prepared by the Sub-group on Testing and Migration. Discussions are still ongoing within the CSD Contact Group.