Market Infrastructure Board

The Market Infrastructure Board (MIB) is a streamlined management body in charge of Eurosystem initiatives in the field of market infrastructure. The MIB can meet under different compositions, including the T2S Board, which is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project, relations with market stakeholders and the 4CB (Deutsche Bundesbank, Banco de España, Banque de France and Banca d’Italia – tasked with developing and operating T2S), and the daily operations of the T2S platform.


The T2S Board was established by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank through Decision ECB/2012/6.

Chair & Secretariat

Image of Image of Marc Bayle

Marc Bayle
European Central Bank

Image of Pierre Beck

Pierre Beck
Vice Chairperson
Banque centrale de Luxembourg

Image of Manfred Skalitzky

Manfred Skalitzky
European Central Bank


Eurosystem central banks

Image of Ron Berndsen

Ron Berndsen
De Nederlandsche Bank

Image of Maria Tereza Cavaco

Maria Tereza Cavaco
Banco de Portugal

Image of Jochen Metzger

Jochen Metzger
Deutsche Bundesbank

Image of Michalis Michalopoulos

Michalis Michalopoulos
Bank of Greece

Image of Ivan Odonnat

Ivan Odonnat
Banque de France

Image of Jesús López Pedruelo

Jesús López Pedruelo
Banco de España

Image of Michael Power

Michael Power
Central Bank of Ireland

Image of Emerico Antonio Zautzik

Emerico Antonio Zautzik
Banca d’Italia

Non-euro area central bank

Image of Karsten Biltoft

Karsten Biltoft
Danmarks Nationalbank

Non-central bank (T2S Board only)

Image of Johannes Luef

Johannes Luef

Image of Joël Mérère

Joël Mérère