Harmonisation Steering Group

The group is in principle composed of T2S Board and senior AG members and is supported in its work by the T2S Team and the T2S National User Groups (NUGs). The HSG’s main task is to foster the T2S post-trade harmonisation agenda, as well as to identify where T2S markets are lagging behind in the implementation of commonly agreed harmonisation standards.

The HSG prepares a T2S harmonisation progress report on the status of the harmonisation agenda and the progress made in T2S markets on an annual/semi-annual basis.


“Upon request by the T2S Advisory Group (AG), the T2S Programme Board (PB) agreed to allocate necessary PB and T2S Programme Office (PO) resources to support the work of a T2S Harmonisation Steering Group (HSG). The group will be composed of senior PB and AG members and will be supported in its work by the PO and National User Groups. The key objective would be to steer T2S harmonisation activities in order to achieve a lean and efficient T2S.” Full text

The AG renewed the mandate of the HSG which includes the following tasks:

  1. Analyse the list of T2S harmonisation list activities and provide guidance to the T2S Team;
  2. Assess and follow the implementation of the T2S harmonisation agreements and standards in T2S markets with the help, where relevant, of National User Groups (NUGs);
  3. Present a status update of the HSG work in each AG meeting and seek advice where necessary;
  4. Advise the AG to undertake initiatives for communicating key harmonisation policy issues to the relevant EU authorities;


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