• Cover T2S brochure Sibos 2013 T2S leaflet download (September 2013)
  • Cover T2S brochure T2S: half-way to delivery – Addendum
    Since the brochure was published in October 2010, the Governing Council of the ECB and the T2S Programme Board have taken a number of decisions on the T2S project. This addendum provides an update on these decisions and developments and outlines the T2S Pricing Proposal. download (September 2011)
  • Cover T2S brochure T2S: half-way to delivery
    At the time of publication of this brochure, the project is exactly half-way to delivering T2S. The brochure takes stock of the experience gained in the first half of the journey and looks ahead at the challenges in the coming years before T2S reaches the final destination. It also offers some reflections on the questions raised by the market about some crucial issues for the success of the project. download (October 2010)

    T2S pricing proposal download (October 2010)
  • Cover T2S brochure T2S. Settling without borders
    This brochure aims to provide readers with a broad overview of T2S. First, it highlights the drawbacks in Europe’s current post-trading environment. Second, it explains what T2S is, with a focus on some of its core features, in particular, the horizontal integration of the securities settlement stage of the post-trading value chain across the whole of Europe and the generalisation to a new higher level of the “integrated model” of securities settlement. Third, the brochure describes how Europe will benefit from T2S. download (November 2009)
  • Cover market integration brochure T2, CCBM2, T2S, SEPA. A single currency – an integrated market infrastructure
    Looking ahead, further integration of European financial markets, as well as an increase in their competitiveness, cannot adequately progress without the integration of their clearing and settlement infrastructures. The Eurosystem is very much committed to fostering this process by playing its operational and catalyst role. download (October 2010)