Summary of ad hoc communication

Related to monetary policy implementation issued by the ECB (last 6 months)

Date Action Communication
04/01/2016 Asset purchase programmes The weekly publication of the EURO outright operations will be postponed until Tuesday, 5 January at 15:45 to ensure consistency with the publication of the Eurosystem Weekly Financial Statement and the quarter-end revaluation.
25/11/2015 Asset purchase programmes The Eurosystem will temporarily pause APP purchases (PSPP, CBPP3 and ABSPP) between 22 December 2015 and 1 January 2016, inclusive, in anticipation of lower market liquidity during this period and in order to reduce possible market distortions. Purchases will resume on 4 January 2016. Moreover, purchases during the period 27 November to 21 December will be somewhat frontloaded to take advantage of the relatively better market conditions expected during the early part of the month.