In line with its statute, the Eurosystem provides credit only on a collateralised basis (See “Introduction”). Assets that are pledged to the Eurosystem as security for its central bank credit operations are called "collateral". To be accepted, these assets must be eligible, i.e. fulfil certain criteria, as further specified in the “General framework” as well as “Temporary framework” (see also Legal framework for monetary policy instruments). This section supports counterparties to identify which assets can be used and how to submit them.

Eurosystem collateral data

This section shows:

  • the volumes of assets eligible as collateral in return for liquidity offered by the ECB in its monetary policy operations;
  • the volumes of such assets mobilised by counterparties; and
  • actual credit provided to counterparties.

The assets are broken down into different types.

Collateral charts

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Frequently asked questions

6 September 2012

FAQs on foreign currency-denominated collateral
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8 December 2011

FAQs on measures to support bank lending and money market activity
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General enquiries

For general enquiries on eligible assets you can contact the European Central Bank. In order to get a quick response to your query, please follow the steps below:

Please do not send an identical e-mail to several contact addresses. If you are unsure which to use, please mail

Please note that messages should be submitted in English in order to ensure prompt processing. Please ensure that you include a message subject which is relevant to your question.

Questions on specific assets

For eligibility questions on specific assets, please contact the NCB of the country where the asset is admitted to being traded or listed.

For assets listed in the United Kingdom, please contact the Banque centrale du Luxembourg.

For details, read about the eligibility assessment procedure for marketable assets or for non-marketable assets.

NCB contact details
Belgium - Nationale Bank van België/Banque Nationale de Belgique
Germany - Deutsche Bundesbank
+49 69 9566 2599
Estonia - Eesti Pank
+372 66 80 922
Spain - Banco de España
Finland - Suomen Pankki - Finlands Bank
France - Banque de France
Greece - Bank of Greece
Ireland - Central Bank of Ireland
Italy - Banca d'Italia
+39 06 4792 4098
Latvia - Latvijas Banka
+371 6702 2443
Lithuania - Lietuvos bankas
+370 5 2680 620
Luxembourg - Banque centrale du Luxembourg
+352 4774 4454
Netherlands - De Nederlandsche Bank
+31 20 524 2474
Austria - Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Portugal - Banco de Portugal
Slovenia - Banks Slovenije
+386 1 47 19 205
Slovakia - Národná banka Slovenska
+421 25787 2518
Cyprus - Central Bank of Cyprus
+357 2271 4319
Malta - Central Bank of Malta
+356 2550 5402
+356 2550 5401