Statistics glossary



percentage balance
The form in which the results of European Commission surveys are usually presented, namely as the difference between the percentage of respondents giving positive and that of those giving negative replies.
portfolio investment (in a b.o.p. context)
Cross-border transactions and positions involving debt or equity securities, other than those included in direct investment or reserve assets.
primary balance
The general government sector’s net borrowing or net lending excluding interest payments on consolidated government liabilities.
primary income (in a b.o.p. context)
An item in the current account representing the return that accrues to resident institutional units for their contribution to the production process or for the provision of financial assets and renting natural resources to non-resident institutional units. See also
institutional unit
principal (in a debt service context)
The face value of a bond or original amount for which it is issued, i.e. excluding interest payable.