T2S expected go live in June 2015

At its meeting on 20 October, the Governing Council decided that T2S will go live in June 2015, instead of in September 2014. That decision was based on a proposal by the T2S Programme Board that had reviewed the programme plan upon a request by the market to implement a number of changes to the T2S user requirements (see Editorial, T2S Online, July 2011).

The Programme Board’s review of the plan also identified a number of additional points that imposed time constraints on the current plan. Several stakeholders had found that the current time plan for testing T2S required additional time to guarantee a smoother implementation. It has therefore been agreed that CSDs in the first migration wave will be invited to participate in an additional pilot test, besides the already foreseen user testing.

In addition, analysing the best solutions for user connectivity to T2S has required more time than originally anticipated: (i) although the tender procedure for the VAN NSPs was launched in July, the selection process and implementation are likely to take longer than expected and (ii) a final decision on the solution for dedicated links still remains to be taken. Finally, with the review, the Programme Board has proposed to include a buffer in the time plan to provide for further essential requests for changes from the market.