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The euro short-term rate (€STR) Oversight Committee

The €STR Oversight Committee reviews, challenges and reports on all aspects of the €STR determination process as established by Guideline (EU) 2019/1265 of the European Central Bank of 10 July 2019 on the euro short-term rate (€STR) (ECB/2019/19).

A summary of each meeting and the declarations of interests submitted by the members are published pursuant to the aforementioned Guideline.


Luis De Guindos (Vice-President of the ECB)


  • Juan Ayuso (Director General of Operations, Markets and Payment Systems, Banco de España)
  • Imène Rahmouni-Rousseau (Director General Market Operations, ECB)
  • Massimo Rostagno (Director General Monetary Policy, ECB)
  • Martin Wieland (Head of the Market Intelligence and Analysis Division, Deutsche Bundesbank)
Declarations of interests