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Call for expressions of interest to contribute to the BIRD

The BIRD project welcomes companies (e.g. software vendors and consultancy companies) that are interested in the project and wish to contribute to its development on a voluntary basis.

What is the BIRD?

The BIRD (Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary) project aims to foster cooperation in the field of regulatory reporting and to alleviate the reporting burden for banks by describing how to derive and generate multiple reporting requirements (e.g. FINREP, AnaCredit) from a redundancy-free input.

The integrated reporting data dictionary is a public good and, thus, it is freely available. The data dictionary, BIRD data model, and other BIRD deliverables are made available via the BIRD database and additional technical documentation.

What are we interested in?

Software vendors and consultancy companies are invited to express their interest in:

  • sharing knowledge on topics relevant to the BIRD via dedicated workshops or seminars;
  • reviewing the BIRD documentation (e.g. Logical Data Model) and helping to test the BIRD transformations.

More details on the BIRD methodology and content are available at:

How can you express your interest?

Contact the ECB BIRD team at with a short overview of your fields of expertise and the main reasons for your interest. The ECB BIRD team will get in touch with you to discuss possible collaboration strategies.