Call for papers

10th Joint ECB/CEPR Labour Market Workshop on "Labour supply in the aftermath of the crisis"

Date: Thursday, 27 and Friday, 28 November 2014

Venue: Frankfurt am Main

About the conference

The 10th Joint ECB/CEPR Labour Market Workshop will focus on “Labour supply in the aftermath of the crisis”. Its purpose is to discuss how the crisis has affected labour supply and human capital in Europe and, in turn, labour productivity, as well as the main challenges that lie ahead.

Research topics of particular relevance to the conference include:

  • recent developments and longer-term trends in labour supply and human capital in Europe;
  • determinants of human capital investment;
  • the design and effects of policy measures aimed at fostering labour supply and human capital investment;
  • the importance of human capital investment for productivity, economic growth, wealth creation and employment;
  • skill and education mismatches across countries and economic sectors, and the impact of such mismatches on productivity;
  • returns to education/training to individuals, employers and the wider society, as well as the relative efficiency of training systems across countries;
  • migration patterns and the outflow of skills (“brain drain”) and their implications for rebalancing within Europe;
  • longer-term trends in human capital requirements, including the impacts of computerisation, offshoring and new global players;
  • the consequences of population ageing;
  • key challenges for employment and education policy in the aftermath of the crisis.


We invite researchers to submit original papers, either theoretical or empirical, for presentation at this workshop.

CEPR members are requested to submit their papers by 6 p.m. (UK time) on Thursday, 31 July 2014 via the CEPR’s online system at If you do not already have a personal profile to use this area of the CEPR’s website, you can set one up at

If you have any difficulties in submitting your paper or you are NOT a CEPR member, please send an e-mail to Amanda Vincent-Rous, Events Officer, at, with the subject line "4577 – 10th Joint ECB/CEPR Labour Market Workshop". Please indicate in your e-mail whether or not you wish to present a paper or would be willing to act as a discussant.

The travel and accommodation expenses of presenters and discussants will be reimbursed in accordance with standard ECB guidelines.

Scientific Committee

  • Juan J. Dolado (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and CEPR)
  • Andrea Ichino (Università di Bologna and CEPR)
  • Valerie Jarvis (ECB)
  • Juan F. Jimeno (Banco de España and CEPR)
  • Ana Lamo (ECB)
  • Diego Rodriguez Palenzuela (ECB)