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Chinese test han simplified: lang:zh-Hans

  • simplified Chinese: 汉语;
  • traditional Chinese: 漢語;
  • Pinyin: Hànyǔ;
  • simplified Chinese: 华语;
  • traditional Chinese: 華語;
  • Chinese: 中文;






Poetry (generalized), generally considered to be a combination of content and form highly uniform and reflect the "beauty", suitable literary form chant. Poetry can be sui generis, but also in combination with other arts, such as drama, hymns, lyrics, or prose, words to music then known songs. "Poetry" is rooted in simple, powerful imagination perceive, or experience, ideas, emotional reactions as Lenovo, the significance of the performance of the conscious and subconscious, symbolic, formal or informal style, sound and rhythm to certain rules, such as to restructuring arrangements. "

This type contains descriptive literature, drama, satire, sermon style, erotic and personal form [1]. Poetry is a historic art. Early attempts to define poetry has Aristotle's "Poetics", mainly focused on rhetoric and drama, song and comedy in the use of language. Later, the characteristics of people think that you can recite poetry, as well as the requirements of such words and rhythm format paragraphs, and emphasized the beauty of poetry, called the verse, in order to distinguish and prose. To the mid-twentieth century, turned loose definition of poetry, that is the basic language for authoring.

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