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Call for expressions of interest to participate in scheme compatibility digital euro workstream

3 March 2023

The ECB is inviting experts in payments schemes to contribute to the scheme compatibility workstream for the digital euro scheme Rulebook. This is one of the dedicated streams identified by the Rulebook Development Group to support the drafting of the digital euro scheme Rulebook.

The main objective of the workstream is to develop a proposal for the Rulebook design in order to facilitate the compatibility of the digital euro with existing scheme solutions. The proposal should be accompanied by an impact analysis of existing scheme solutions, including recommendations for paragraphs for the following sections of the Rulebook:

  • Digital euro scheme scope and interplay: separation between scheme and payment infrastructure, interaction with other payment schemes, including other emerging CBDC schemes;
  • Technical scheme requirements: interplay with European standardisation initiatives (specifications).

The workstream will consist of market participants and Eurosystem representatives. Candidates nominated by their respective payment stakeholder associations are expected to be senior experts in scheme management, preferably with managerial responsibilities in a European payment or payment-related scheme. They should have the ability and mandate to effectively represent a European scheme, and be proficient in English as a working language.

The workstream will frequently hold remote meetings for a limited duration of two months as of March 2023. Members of the workstream are expected to participate in all meetings and actively contribute to the deliverables.

Candidates interested in joining should submit, in writing, their answers to the following questions (no longer than 2,000 words in total):

  1. What interest do you have in the success of a digital euro in general, and the scheme compatibility workstream in particular?
  2. What professional experience qualifies you to participate in this workstream?
  3. Which specific payment schemes, standards and specifications should, from your point of view, be considered in the discussion, and why?
  4. Which key enablers and challenges need to be taken into account for a successful collaboration and delivery of the workstream?

Applicants are requested to enclose their CVs, together with a letter of consent from their employer. A nomination letter from representative payment stakeholder associations or a member of the digital euro scheme Rulebook Development Group will be considered as an advantage. The requisite documents should be sent to by 17 March 2023.

All applications will be treated confidentially. The list of successful candidates will, however, be made public.

Participation in the scheme compatibility workstream will not be remunerated. All intellectual property rights, copyright and rights to development and disposal related to the deliverables of the workstream reside exclusively with the ECB.