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ECB announces digital euro Programme Manager

11 November 2021

Evelien Witlox will take up the position of Programme Manager of the digital euro project at the ECB as of 1 January 2022. Currently she is Global Director of Payments at ING.

Evelien has had a long career in the payments industry and held various managerial roles at ING. She is currently responsible for ING’s worldwide payments products and a member of ING’s Management Council.

As Programme Manager for the ECB’s digital euro project, she will join the senior management team of the Directorate General Market Infrastructure and Payments. The investigation phase of the project will run until October 2023 and aim to address key issues regarding design and distribution. A digital euro must be able to meet the needs of Europeans while at the same time helping to prevent illicit activities and avoiding any undesirable impact on financial stability and monetary policy.

The investigation phase will not prejudge any future decision on the possible issuance of a digital euro, which will come only later. In any event, a digital euro would complement cash, not replace it.