Market practices in United Kingdom

United Kingdom
Name of National Central Bank Bank of England
Phone number of the CCBM unit +44 207 601 5399
Fax number of the CCBM unit + 44 207 601 3484
Foreign counterparties’ contact for credit claim related issues n.a.
Publications describing local legal and operational procedures Financial Markets Section of the Bank of England website at or RTGS Reference Manual (copies available upon request)

Legal and Procedural Aspects
Procedural aspects governing a repurchase agreement with the NCB and legal documentation used (if applicable) n.a.
Procedural aspects governing a pledge towards the NCB and legal documentation used (if applicable) n.a.
Specific procedures governing non-marketable assets n.a.

Technical Aspects CREST EUI
Type of eligible assets held Further information on the eligibility of assets
Opening hours 07:00-19:00 CET
Number of settlement cycles per day 2 FoP settlement periods
Account of NCB in the SSS '6644'
HCB's sub accounts in the SSS (where applicable) n.a.
Matching requirements Matched delivery
Matching/Settlement details The matching requirements are described on the Euroclear UK and Ireland website
Special Operating Procedures n.a.
Homepage of SSS