Here you can find

  • All ESCB/ECB legal acts, as published in the "Official Journal of the European Union" (OJ), sorted by topic and time.
  • Multilingual: available in 22 languages. Choose your preferred language at the top of the screen.
  • Full context: each legal act is presented with corrigenda, repealed legislation, related ECB acts, related adopted Community legislation and other related information, such as press releases.

How to search

By topic

Choose a topic from the left-hand side. The oldest legal acts are at the top, except for ECB opinions where the newest one appears first. The “Filter as you type” function (see image below) helps you to search the list.

Image of the highlight function

By chronology

  1. Acts published in the last seven days are shown under "Recently published" in the centre of the  Homepage.
  2. “All by date” (see last item in left-hand side navigation) lists all legal acts and ECB opinions by date of publication in the OJ since 1992.

By using the search engine

You can use Google’s search engine within the Legal framework by clicking on “Search the Legal Framework” in the left-hand side navigation bar.

Image of the search engine

Content structure

Left-hand side navigation

The Legal framework has nine sections which mirror the ECB’s fields of competence under the Treaty. For an overview of the full navigation tree, see the  site directory.

ECB/EMI opinions are available within each topic (see left-hand side of the image below). You can also click on “All ECB opinions” in the left-hand side navigation bar to access them.

List of legal acts

Within a topic, the acts are listed chronologically, the oldest on top. Amendments and consolidated versions are also numbered chronologically: a, b, c, etc. (see image below). As an exception, ECB opinions are sorted with the newest on top.

Image of the navigation and a content page

Additional information

If applicable, a link to “Additional information” is offered (see image above). Clicking shows a new page with all corrigenda, repealed ECB legislation, remarks and background information.

On the right-hand side of such a page (see image below) you can find links to adopted Community legislation, related ECB legislation, and other related information, for example press releases.

Image of a page with additional information

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