1. No longer in force: Guideline of the ECB of 26 April 2007 on a Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Express Transfer system (TARGET2) (ECB/2007/2), OJ L 237, 8.9.2007, p. 1.

    Additional information

      Guideline ECB/2007/2 entered into force on 30 April 2007, subject to the transitional provisions laid down in Article 15 thereof. Article 15(8)-(9) of Guideline ECB/2007/2 introduces amendments to Guideline ECB/2005/16 with effect from 30 April 2007. Article 14(2) of Guideline ECB/2007/2 repeals Guidelines ECB/2005/16 and ECB/2006/11 with effect from 15 September 2008.