Relevant Protocols annexed to the Treaties

  1. Protocol (No 4) on the Statute of the European System of Central Banks and of the ECB  OJ C 202, 7.6.2016, p. 230.Additional information
  2. Protocol (No 6) on the location of the seats of the institutions and of certain bodies, offices, agencies and departments of the European Union OJ C 202, 7.6.2016, p. 265.Additional information
  3. Protocol (No 7) on the privileges and immunities of the European Union OJ C 202, 7.6.2016, p. 266.Additional information
  4. Protocol (No 12) on the excessive deficit procedure  OJ C 202, 7.6.2016, p. 279.Additional information
  5. Protocol (No 13) on the convergence criteria OJ C 202, 7.6.2016, p. 281.Additional information
  6. Protocol (No 15) on certain provisions relating to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland OJ C 202, 7.6.2016, p. 284.Additional information
  7. Protocol (No 16) on certain provisions relating to Denmark OJ C 202, 7.6.2016, p. 287.Additional information
  8. Protocol (No 17) on Denmark OJ C 202, 7.6.2016, p. 288.Additional information
  9. Protocol (No 18) on France OJ C 202, 7.6.2016, p. 289.Additional information