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Girls' IT Bootcamp

Are you a girl aged 9-17 interested in robots and computers, or do you know someone you think might be? Then our two-day Girls’ IT bootcamp may be the right event to take part in. 

To mark Girls’ Day, we are offering a two-day Girls’ IT Bootcamp at our headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, on Wednesday, 26 and Thursday, 27 April 2023 at the ECB in Frankfurt. Explore opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – or STEM for short. At our IT bootcamp you will have a chance to develop technical skills using different tools and programming languages while also having fun and discovering some of the many possibilities that the world of IT has to offer. You will also be invited on a tour of the ECB’s building, be introduced to the world of banknotes, and talk to experts from all ECB, working in the field of IT.

Application details

We have already received the applications from 28 eligible candidates. The registration is now closed and candidates will be informed soon about the outcome of their applications.

If you have any comments or questions, please send an email to

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Ready to code?

What is STEM?

STEM refers to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They are becoming more important in today’s job market, with growing demand for specialists in these fields. Greater participation of girls and women in these subject areas is extremely important.


Our IT bootcamp is focused on girls aged 9-17 who are interested in scientific discovery and technological progress. No prior knowledge or experience is required to take part, only a genuine interest in learning more about IT.


There is still a large gender gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields despite their increasing importance in today’s job market. Through initiatives like this IT bootcamp, we hope to inspire more girls to explore the study opportunities in STEM at an early age, and to go on to work in one of these fields. Who knows – you may end up working at the ECB one day!

Testimonials from 2022

The first Girls’ IT Bootcamp took place from 31 May to 2 June 2022, at the ECB’s premises in Frankfurt, Germany. Participants tried their hand at programming and coding in a relaxed and girl-friendly learning environment, talked to ECB experts, and visited our office areas and urban garden.

Marta, 14 - IT bootcamp participant

I thought I knew nothing about IT, but the ECB team helped me to understand that I know a lot, which strengthened my confidence. I should definitely continue developing in the IT area!

Anja, 11 - IT bootcamp participant

I enjoyed this IT bootcamp very much! The best part was working in teams with different girls from all around Europe and experimenting in the ECB Banknotes lab! I wish the bootcamp was longer!

Claudia Plattner - Director General Information Systems

If you want to make IT programmes and applications that work for everyone, you need to make sure you include all the different perspectives… and that is why it is really, really important for us to have lots of brilliant women in IT.

Meike Ströter - Head of Division in Information Systems

It was great to see how the girls’ confidence and the fascination for coding grew during these three days. The written feedback from some of the parents confirmed that the bootcamp “generated a wave of motivation, self-confidence, interest, feeling and belonging”. This really made a difference!


Details might be subject to change

26 April

Registration at ECB Security Service Centre


Welcome and tour of the ECB Visitor Centre


Programming workshops:

Develop your own game using SCRATCH and decrypt the secret messages (ages 9-12)

Make a difference: Climate Data Challenge with Python and JavaScript (ages 13-17)


Lunch break


Programming workshops:

Develop your own game using SCRATCH and decrypt the secret messages (Ages 9-12)

Make a difference: Climate Data Challenge with Python and JavaScript (Ages 13-17)


End of day 1 (parents to pick up the girls)

27 April

Registration at the ECB Security Service Centre


Welcome and introduction – day 2


Introduction to the world of banknotes – (ages 9-12)

ECB IT showcase – meet the experts and ask your questions (ages 13-17)


Tour of the ECB’s main building


Lunch break


Being green at the ECB


How to be secure online – meet the ECB experts (ages 9-12)

Introduction to the world of banknotes (ages 13-17)


Closing ceremony

Presentation of awards and giveaways


End of programme (parents to pick up the girls)

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