Roland Beck

Roland Beck

International & European Relations


  • Principal Economist, International Policy Analysis Division

Fields of interest:

  • International Finance, Emerging Markets, Financial Stability


  • Ph.D. in Economics, Goethe University Frankfurt; M.A. in Economics University of Bonn

Professional experience:

  • Since 2005: European Central Bank; 2002-2005: Deutsche Bank Research
No. Title Authors
166 The side effects of national financial sector policies: framing the debate on financial protectionism
136 Financial stability challenges for EU acceding and candidate countries: making financial systems more resilient in a challenging environment
113 Energy markets and the euro area macroeconomy
91 The impact of sovereign wealth funds on global financial markets Roland Beck, Michael Fidora
58 Long-term growth prospects for the Russian economy Roland Beck, Annette Kamps, Elitza Mileva
48 Macroeconomic and financial stability challenges for acceding and candidate countries
Title Authors Where Date
Optimal Reserve Composition in the Presence of Sudden Stops Roland Beck, Ebrahim Rahbari Journal of International Money and Finance 30 (2011) 1107-1127 2011-10-04
The Impact of Sovereign Wealth Funds on Global Financial Markets Roland Beck, Michael Fidora Review of European Economic Policy Vol. 43, No. 6 2008-12-01
Should Larger Reserve Portfolios Be More Diversified Roland Beck, Sebastian Weber International Finance, 14: 415–444 2012-02-23
The Finance and Growth nexus Revisited Roland Beck, Georgios Georgiadis and Roland Straub Economics Letters, Volume 124, Issue 3, September 2014 2014-09-01