Joan Paredes


  • Economist, DG-Economics/DG-Research, ECB

Fields of interest:

  • Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Business cycle analysis
  • Now-casting/Forecasting
  • Modeling


  • Doctorate in Economics, Goethe University Frankfurt (Adviser: Thomas Laubach)
  • Degree in Economics, University of Barcelona
  • Degree in Finance and Actuarial Science, University of Barcelona and Karlsruhe Institut of Technology

Professional experience:

  • 2004-present: European Central Bank
Title Authors Where Date
Fiscal policy analysis in the euro area: Expanding the toolkit Paredes, J., Pedregal, D. J. & Pérez, J. J. Journal of Policy Modeling --
Fiscal Policy Shocks in the Euro Area and the US: An Empirical Assessment Burriel, P., de Castro, F., Garrote, D., Gordo, E., Paredes, J. & Pérez, J. J. Fiscal Studies --
Title Authors Where Date
Modelling the Joint Dynamics of Banking, Sovereign, Macro, and Corporate Risk using Contingent Claims Analysis (CCA) in a Multi-Country Global VAR Gray, D., Groß, M., Paredes, J. & Sydow, M. IMF Working Paper 13/218 --