Annalisa Ferrando

No. Title Authors
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1502 Do firms use the trade credit channel to manage growth? Annalisa Ferrando, Klaas Mulier
1293 Financing obstacles among euro area firms: Who suffers the most? Annalisa Ferrando, Nicolas Griesshaber
1093 Determinants of government bond spreads in new EU countries Ioana Alexopoulou, Irina Bunda, Annalisa Ferrando
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943 The impact of financial position on investment: an anlysis for non-financial corporations in the euro area Carmen Martinez-Carrascal, Annalisa Ferrando
642 Financing constraints and firms' cash policy in the euro area Rozália Pál, Annalisa Ferrando
No. Title Authors
167 Savings and investment behaviour in the euro area Diego Rodriguez-Palenzuela, Stéphane Dées,
151 Corporate finance and economic activity in the euro area
63 Corporate finance in the euro area - including background material
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