T2S Info Session



Where, when

Date and time: 5 December 2014, 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Venue: Deutsche Börse Group, Mergenthalerallee 61, 65760 Eschborn

1. Opening remarks

Introductory remarks by Martina Gruber, Member of Clearstream Banking Frankfurt Executive Board.

2. Introduction by the Chairman

Meike Ströter, Head of Stakeholder Management Section, Market Infrastructure and Payments, ECB.

3. Presentation: T2S Project status update and next steps

Meike Ströter, ECB,Philippe Leblanc, 4CB and Siegfried Vonderau, 4CB provided an update on the project status.

Coffee break

4. Presentation: What will CSDs offer their clients?

Guido Wille, Clearstream, and Peter Felsinger, OeKB, presented their T2S business offer to their clients (e.g. what services will be offered? Which securities will be available for settlement? At what price?). They also presented what would change for their participants after migration to T2S and whether they would need to undertake any adaptations.

Lunch – during lunch four breakout sessions took place

  • Breakout session 1: Clearstream download
  • Breakout session 2: OeKB
  • Breakout session 3: Eurex Clearing download
  • Breakout session 4: Bundesbank download

5. Insight session: T2S - from issuer to investors

The panel brought together representatives of issuers, investors, banks and CSDs who discussed how T2S would change the post-trade landscape. The following questions were be addressed: 1) How will the securities chain from issuer to investor change? And, 2) How will the actors interact along the chain? The discussion was a follow up to the T2S Special Series with the same titled published in September 2014.

6. Restriction rules

The cross-border market practices sub-group (XMAP) has assessed the impact of the CSDs’ restriction rules on cross-border settlement efficiency.

Ignacio Terol, chairman of the XMAP introduced the topic and presented the results of the XMAP analysis on the impact of the CSD restriction rules for wave 1 CSDs.

  • XMAP catalogue of restriction rules download

7. Closing remarks

By the chairperson Meike Ströter.